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General Tips and Advice

  • Make sure you know what websites your child is using.


  • Talk to them about how they can stay safe whilst using technology. Make sure they know that they can speak to you if they are ever being bullied.


  • Ask them to teach you about social networks, instant messaging etc. so that you are more aware about what they are doing online.


  • Encourage them to act responsibly when using the technology and talk to them about the dangers of the internet and to be careful about the information they post online.



Online Safety:

 Our top tips for keeping your child safe online.


Blocking & Reporting

 Every internet site should have a block and report feature on their site. These functions are designed to be support mechanisms for anyone who uses the internet. Familiarize yourself with how to block and report by going online; these features can be found in the security settings.

Content Filters

 Content filtering is the use of a program to screen and exclude access to certain web pages that the user finds unsuitable. This works by identifying and specifying character strings that, if matched, indicate unsuitable content that is then screened out.


Share good practice on how to use the internet safely.

 The internet and social media are constantly evolving with new websites and apps for smartphones being launched daily. As new sites and apps develop, so does the number of young people use them. Talk openly with your children about what is available to them, what they use and why there are restrictions that you may impose on them at certain ages. This may also be a good time to explain why these restrictions are being imposed in terms of protecting them and the potential harm that cyber-bullying can have on young people. 

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have security settings that can be adapted for the user’s requirements. You can control who can see your profile, what information you share publicly and place parental restrictions/monitoring.  ​

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