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I am a 2024 Graduate of Trine University. I am involved in the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), the Miss America Organization, and the founder of G.A.B. Girls, which is a 501©-non-profit organization I created in 2010. After I graduate college with a bachelor’s degree with a double major in Psychology and Communication, my goal is to go to Law School to become a Family Lawyer. I was a victim of child abuse and know firsthand what divorce can do to a family. I want to give back to the children and families who need it most. Together we can encourage others to be kind, be positive leaders within our communities, and empower others to go on and do the same.

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I am a nurse and former motivational speaker for youth. I believe in taking a stand. It's when we take a stand and help others that we truly grow. I have always supported Elayna in showing compassion, forgiveness, courage, and volunteering. It is my goal to not only support Elayna in her own goals and inspirations, but to help others in preventing the many faces of bullying. One important aspect is to let others who are being bullied know that they are not alone. Bullying comes in many forms and happens every day to people of all ages and backgrounds. Our words have the power to lift people up or push people down. Let's make it our business to lift people up, to brighten their day, to make them feel better about themselves. We can all use a little sunshine.

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