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Amanda Moreno

I think so often in today's society, girls are succumbing more and and more to the pressures of bullying. They see their friends being mean to someone and simply follow suit. Why is it that we are accepting this as the social norm?

  I vividly remember being bullied all throughout elementary, middle, and high school. Whether they were picking on my hair style, clothing, or weight... there was always something that didn't seem adequate to them. It spanned from verbal insults to cyber bullying. Often, these "mean girls" are the most self conscious of all. They feel that by making others look bad through name calling, they are making themselves look better. Wrong. Calling someone fat doesn't make you any thinner, calling some ugly doesn't make you any prettier, and calling someone stupid doesn't make you any more intelligent.

  One thing that really bothers me is that a majority of today's mean comments come from other girls. Our own kind! Shouldn't girls be working together to lift each other up and encourage one another? How in the world are we going to ask for respect from males if we can't even be respected by people who are just like us? By calling other girls names, we are allowing the males to do the same. I encourage you to always look for the best in people, and speak words of success and kindness into their life. Believing in people, lifting them up, and helping them rise higher... that's how you become more beautiful.

  To all the girls being bullied today, it's hard. I know it is; I have been in your shoes more than you will ever know. Don't ever believe that you are not worth it or anything less than the most beautiful girl in the world. The really cool thing... you've been made for a unique purpose. God only made one of you... and He did it right the first time.

With your beauty in mind,

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